Fashion On A Budget

I am a notorious bargain shopper, who would much rather do the legwork and save money then take the last minute on a whim approach.

There is something to be said for the satisfaction knowing I haven’t just compromised my weekly budget for that one dress that I may never wear again. So where does one start…

First thing’s first, “body love” isn’t something we master overnight, instead learning to embrace your body as though it were a blank canvas, and creating your work of art, through lingerie and clothing, you will eventually develop an appreciation for all that you are as a woman.

Second step is incorporating a budget into your life. If my own mother taught me anything, by failing to plan you are inevitably planning to fail.

Once you establish the flexibility in your finances, the next move is to “review, refresh and refine” your current and prospective wardrobe.

  • Consider the strengths of your existing wardrobe and eliminate the weakest links that don’t speak to who you are now.
  • Be real and authentic in the fit that you want, the measurements are merely to identify the best options and to achieve a level of comfort.
  • Thereafter, planning what looks you feel speak to you, not necessarily what is deemed “on trend”, but rather reflect your character and the practicality of being a woman.
  • Approach online resources to be your guiding light in making a vision board and to achieve the looks that you want to aspire to. Scope magazines for fashion images and inspiration.
  • If your budget is on the generous side, engage a stylist to help build a wardrobe that is flexible, versatile and can transition you through the seasons.

Whether you are an avid researcher, or foreign to shopping on a budget, choosing between the online shopping world versus shopping centres, comes down to personal choice. We are blessed with a range of online boutiques and retailers that have broadened their approach to consider more age groups, sizes and gender equality boxes. Find businesses and companies that reflect your values in fashion. You should never feel like you are compromising a part of yourself to fulfil a sale.

The term “have to have it now” can lead to irrational spending and regrettable purchases, therefore, take comfort knowing that sales and products have a way of coming back. Utilise special occasions and seasonal sales throughout the year to refresh your wardrobe and even putting away for future causes can work splendidly in your favour. Consider affordable retailers for your staple items and if you can expense brands in the next price brackets, consider checking out your local discount outlets.

From discount codes online, to in-store sales, lay-by and buy now and pay later concepts, there are ways in which you can make your budget work for you. Some of the most unique and achievable looks can even come from markets, second hand thrift stores or even your best friend’s closet. By being flexible and open to your resources, you can without a doubt build a wardrobe that you can be proud of.

We as women deserve to feel seen, and in caring and prioritising ourselves, we can inevitably learn to love all that we are and our wardrobe too.

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