Inspiring words from a champ

Commonwealth Games diving gold medalist, Georgia Sheehan, might train and live in Victoria now, but she is still a Queenslander at heart.

She showed that recently with a visit to her home school Loudes Hill College and another to speak to the students of Yugumbir State School at Regents Park .

At Yugumbir, Georgia gave an inspiring talk to the Year 4, 5 and 6 girls about achieving, not just in sport, but also in life.

She talked about how she came to choose diving after seeing it on TV, and how to manage study and other activities for success.

Her top tips to the students were to write out goals, to plan and prioritise using a diary and to keep communicating with teachers about what was going on in their life and their commitments.

She handed out many positives, but she also spoke about how to handle disappointments because she said, “not every time you get what you want”.

Her message was: “If you’re showing up every day and you’re giving 100% on that day, then you know you’ve worked the hardest that you can.

Then whatever result comes from that is the result. You’ve done all that you can do, so find comfort in that”.

After the talk she posed with the students for photos while they bombarded her with more questions.

Senior student Chelsea said Georgia’s words had inspired her to get more into a routine and to get a journal and plan things for the future, while fellow student Savannah said she had been inspired to never give up and to keep on trying.

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