Kimberley College now accepting applications for 2025 and beyond

Situated in a semi-rural bush setting at Carbrook, Kimberley College provides students with a calm and stress-free campus environment in which to learn and grow.

Catering for prep to year 12, the co-educational, non-denominational school takes a holistic approach to education.

Kimberley College is well regarded for its range of extracurricular activities on offer and with a student focused approach and inclusive community, the College offers a real world and thematic approach to curriculum supported by the Marzano educational framework.

At Kimberley College, the true merit of each student’s individual educational journey is seen as much more than just a number on a piece of paper.

Kimberley College offers senior students a variety of pathways to help each student successfully prepare for the workforce of the future and recognises that tertiary education is not necessarily the right fit for everyone.

Principal, Glenn Johnson said “It is essential to cater for a wide variety of career ambitions and to support our students with the appropriate study courses, apprenticeships, and work experience. Students need a broad set of transferrable skills to be able to thrive and a school should not only support academic study but social and emotional learning and provide a safe environment for developing character, leadership, social and critical thinking skills.”

Embedded within the College’s mission is the desire to help students find both their purpose and passion and Kimberly College is committed to finding the right pathway for each individual student.

Kimberley College is currently accepting applications for 2025 and beyond across all year levels from prep to year 12. Visit the website to apply online or book a school tour

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