Kingston Park Races On With Record Crowds

For more than 25 years Kingston Park Raceway has worked hard to live up to its reputation as the place to go for a “hell of a day out”.

While it has enjoyed numerous glory years at times the centre has struggled in the wake of new competition and rising costs.

Like many entertainment businesses Kingston Park Raceway was forced to close down during the early months of Covid and its future was on shaky ground as the gates were closed for months and long-term staff were told to stay at home.

The centre was the 1997 vision of local Logan businessman, Terry Skene, and it was in the wake of the lockdowns Logan’s biggest tourist attraction went on the market.

Under his guidance Kingston Park had achieved an outstanding reputation and was annually attracting thousands of eager go karting enthusiasts to the Logan district.

It’s not unfair to say that reputation had started to wane, so it was a big decision for family entertainment group, Iplay Australia, to invest millions into buying the Park.

The centre was showing signs of wear and tear and was in desperate need of improvements to restore it to its glory days.

Since taking over just on two years ago the iPlay group has chipped away at the necessary improvements. Their biggest and most important investment was to spend more than $350,000 to import a new fleet of Sodi Go-Karts from France.

The move has breathed new life into the centre and over the past months driver numbers have soared. It is no longer a case of just rolling up to Kingston Park and buying a ticket with sell out weekends common. Patrons now need to go online and pre-book to ensure they can get a place on the grid which numbers 85 senior and junior drivers every two hours.

The purchase has been a positive move for the iPlay Australia brand, which operates family entertainment centres in Queensland, NSW, ACT and Western Australia.

Locally it has nearby centres at Toowoomba, Ipswich, Redbank and Coomera which are now all benefiting from cross promotions with Kingston Park.

The centre features two main tracks including the challenging 1100m Le Mans circuit.

Kingston Park presently operates a small family games centre and plans are still in place to expand this in the future.

Once completed it will provide new employment opportunities and will add to the family attraction of the complex which stands tall as Logan’s premier tourist venue with yearly attendances of more than 350,000.

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