Providing a caring service

Founder of Get Better Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre in Browns Plains, Garima Bharti, has always been passionate about helping people, particularly those suffering from chronic neck and back pain.

She has more than 15 years’ experience working as a physiotherapist and was recently named as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Queensland.

Garima has been a much loved and admired physiotherapist in Browns Plains now for more than a decade.

“Maintaining a patient’s privacy and focusing on customer service has always been a priority for me and so it is the priority in my clinic,” she said.

“For me it’s all about doing whatever I can to get a patient pain relief immediately in the session.

“I never just show them exercises to do at home, I actually help them step by step on their journey of recovery.

“I help women suffering from chronic pain with controlled movement therapy, changes in the way they eat and changes in their behaviours including mindset.

“When you make the decision to improve your health and well-being, please give me a call I am here to help.”

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