Queensland’s age-friendly future

Seniors Minister Craig Crawford is asking seniors to contribute to a statewide survey that will assist to form a new Age Friendly Strategy due for release later this year.

In the State’s Future Directions Statement Minister Crawford said latest figures revealed more than one in five Queenslanders will be 65 years or older by 2050.

“Every year, more people call Queensland home,” he said.

“In March 2022, our state’s population growth rate was the fastest in Australia.

“Our population is also ageing, with the 65 and over age group growing three times faster than the rest of the population over the past decade.

In his Minister’s statement, he said while an ageing population presented challenges for government to meet the needs of older Queenslanders, it was important to recognise the strengths, experience and immense contribution of older people to our communities.

“We want to make sure seniors are supported and have opportunities to continue to contribute economically and socially, whether through work, volunteering or in retirement,’’ he said.

“Future Directions for an Age-friendly Queensland signals a process for planning what an age-friendly Queensland will look like across the coming years.”

“Older Queenslanders are economically, politically, socially and culturally active. Every day they make a significant contribution in our communities. They deserve recognition and the opportunity to age well.”

Some of the rebates and concessions provided for seniors as part of more than $725 million in 2022-23 by the Palaszczuk Government includes electricity, utility bills, rates and health related expenses.

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