Slow Down in New School Zone

The times between 7am-9am and 2pm-4pm on weekdays around schools is well known for being a slow down zone to help protect school children.

A new 40km/h school zone is set to be implemented in Kingston following a campaign with parents from Groves Christian College, Kingston State School and Kingston State College.

The new zone will slow vehicles down to school safety speed of 40km/h along sections of Polaris Avenue – a major connector to all three local schools.

This decision will greatly improve safety outcomes during drop off and afternoon pickups.

“Last year a student was struck by a vehicle doing the lawful speed limit and was severely injured,” said Cr Teresa Lane.

“Local parents raised concerns with me, and we worked together to get a good outcome for community safety, students, and road users.

“While it has taken some time for the evidence to be gathered and considered, it’s great news that the Speed Management Advisory Committee has agreed with our view that Polaris Avenue should be considered a school frontage because of the sheer volume of school foot traffic and vehicles it services each day.

“Logan City Council has listened to the community, taken their feedback on board, and acted,” Cr Lane said.

The 40km/h school zone will be implemented once engineers draw up the plans and put the infrastructure in place.

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