Top tips to help men adopt healthy habits

The Heart Foundation is urging local men to think more about their daily behaviour during this year’s Men’s Health Week.

The annual week’s theme for 2023 is ‘healthy habits’, with a focus on encouraging men to adopt new, healthier habits to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Heart Foundation Senior Food & Nutrition Advisor Jemma O’Hanlon said Men’s Health Week continues to gain traction as men become more aware of their risk factors.

“Men’s Health Week is a great opportunity to start and build on conversations about healthy living,” Ms O’Hanlon said.

“We always encourage small changes that can be adapted into people’s daily routines.

“Generally, that doesn’t mean giving up a favourite food entirely, but rather making small swaps on a daily basis.

“The same applies to exercise, which may begin with gentle walking routines that might lead to something more strenuous in the future. Initially, however it’s about making regular and sustainable changes.”

Walking for an average of 30 minutes or more a day can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke by 35 percent and Type 2 diabetes by 40 percent.

It’s not just your heart and muscles that benefit from walking. It also helps improve our daily mood, which cumulatively leads to better mental health.

Here are Heart Foundation’s tips for healthy eating and exercise:

  • Boost your diet with potassium-rich fruit and vegetables to help lower blood pressure.
  • Enjoy more healthy fats from salmon, avocado and nuts to help lower cholesterol.
  • Snack on Greek yoghurt for the ultimate high protein boost, pre or post exercise.
  • Beef up meat dishes with additional legumes or lentils (a nice little cost saver too).
  • Try a hearty new recipe – download the Heart Foundation’s new Winter Comfort Recipe Book.
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