Transeasonal Fashion –Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

We are but a few weeks out from saying goodbye to summer and hello to autumn and when living in Queensland, you can be guaranteed that we are living in an unpredictable climate. This inevitably makes our fashion choices a little harder to plan for in advance. You may find yourself dressed for the cool of the morning and by lunchtime sweating your makeup off all over your couture like you just entered sauna territory. I have often found myself favouring one season over another and consequently overindulging my wardrobe. leading to poor spending habits and not enough room left on the rack in the wardrobe.

You may or may not have heard the term ‘transeasonal’ which in short, defines clothes not specifically intended for winter or summer. That said they’re kind of an essential to any wardrobe and will be pieces that you can layer on and take off at any point of the day. They work effortlessly to refine your wardrobe to staple pieces that can be styled for multiple occasions. Transeasonal fashion really is extremely functional and the added bonus is its healthy for your budget.

Layering allows you to dress for the immediate temperature, and adapt when the weather takes a turn and you need to remove the outer part of your ensemble. It can be as simple as casual underneath (think jeans and a classic t-shirt), and popping on an elegant cardigan or light jacket on top that can be easily removed thereafter.

Mid-season dressing allows you to merge all your favourite pieces from each season to create an entirely new look. Consider investing in a versatile pair of jeans that can be put through their paces and go with a number of outfits, don’t be afraid to consider statement sleeves, a bold colour or two, a lightweight trench coat and knitwear, both plain and bold tees and perhaps even a feminine camousel to take you into evening. As far as footwear is concerned, it’s perfectly ok to wear a pair of strappy sandals with your favourite jeans, or an ankle boot with a dress, and my favourite investment shoe was the camo boot that can add attitude to any outfit.

In the fashion industry these days we are swayed by new brands and styles, which inevitably makes us believe we need to turn over our wardrobe items to stay on trend. But it will pay to become a little more practical in the future on transeasonal pieces, and consider investment pieces

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