Make an effort to rise early and greet the day with a smile

I may be wrong, but I think that very few people wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Especially those getting on in years.

They may have been up part of the night, pacing the floor, watching TV, or just reading a book to pass the time so that they can once again get back to sleep. Then, when they do wake up, they have this fuzzy feeling in their head which only a ‘cuppa’ can fix till breakfast.

You’ve felt tired and gone to bed early, feeling weary, knowing full well that you will not sleep the night through. There’s been an argument with your partner or children. Perhaps, financial concerns.

A lot of older folks who go to bed early, wake up early. Around five o’clock their day starts, a walk in the early morning air seems to be the only thing that soothes that aching back or that pinched nerve. Just a chance to get off that dreadful mattress.

You have ‘Dysania’ (good word for those who do puzzles) which means an extreme difficulty in rising from bed or even an inability to leave the bed.

It’s said that only a bed should be used for sleeping or sex. How many of us read in bed or watch a TV show, or just like to stay there, especially on a chilly morning or a winter day.

Without being too much of a ‘grump’ (another good word) staying in bed longer than you need too can result in loss of muscle strength leading to bed sores and a sedentary lifestyle that may impact on your life and immune system.

It takes an effort to rise from your bed ready to meet the day, a hot shower might just sooth that aching back and just moving around strengthens those muscles a little so that you don’t have to take Panadol to sooth your pain.

You have a stack of tablets to take every day, cut the pain relief by doing things differently and keeping those for when things get too bad.

And while we’re on tablets! Do you know what the tablets you take are for. If you’ve been on them for years, do they still work or do you have a lazy doctor not willing to change your drugs, when maybe, now, there are better medications that will do the job with perhaps fewer to take, that might even be better for you.

Remember, every drug you take has a reaction, certain ones can be harmful, while other ones can be beneficial. Don’t forget, a lack of sleep could be caused by one of the tablets you take (a good reason to check your prescription).

Waking up in a bad mood can also be diet related and caused by low sugar levels so make sure you eat well and drink little before going to bed.

So now that I’ve made you all depressed, how do you wake up happy and on top of the world? Firstly, you can start by asking yourself questions about the day: What do I have lined up? Who am I meeting today? Or , call a friend and chat.

Perhaps, you could look forward to a good breakfast or find something you like to do, such as crosswords or ‘wordle’.

Get stuck into that hobby. Believe me, If you want it to be, even food shopping can be exciting and challenging.

Go to bed and wake up with a purpose, try and stay positive when all around you is gloom. Remember you are the master of your own body. Only you can make the difference to how you feel.

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