Navigating the Complexities of Retirement Living

NO matter how much we object to life. The old saying ‘Time Marches On’ holds true. How does one prepare for that time in our lives when we have to decide what we are going to do in our twilight years?

How do we know when it is the time to think about such things, things that affect our partner, our children, and our close relatives?

We may have heard from others how they have solved this situation, but does it apply to you? Your circumstances may be different, what then?

There are many people today, not wanting to make ‘THE’ move to a resort village, that is, a place where for a period one lives in quite proximity, but apart from others in the same situation. Or maybe you require an old age home, where one can be looked after, due to failing health, living with others in dormitory type accommodation with separate rooms and having meals with others in a separate dining room facility.

Choices must be made at some stage. Just do not leave it too late to decide, whatever you or your family decide on.

For those of you wanting to know a little about living in a retirement village, a book by Joanna Nell called ‘The Great Escape from the Woodland Nursing Home’ is a great read full of pathos and humour.’ (more about this in the digital edition LIN March 2-8 /2022)

Here’s an extract:

‘She opened the door of the taxi and stepped in, hoping the taxi driver had not noticed her pyjamas peeping out from under her dress. She had hurriedly packed a small bag, called the taxi, and was now waiting for the heavy traffic to move. Suddenly the door was wrenched open, and a kindly voice said, “why don’t you come in for a cup of tea?”
With those words, she was bundled into a wheelchair and taken back to the residence.’

Hattie, aged ninety, was trying to escape from the Woodland Retirement Village.’

But I digress!

The Queensland government website has a lot of information on the various types of ‘care’ available to residents who maybe need a guide as to what actually is available, but like most things to do with governments, it takes a while to find the right fit for you and you will have to jump through a few ‘hoops’ to gain the necessary information.

There is Short-Term flexible care, Entry-Level support at home and more complex support at home and then there is Residential aged care support, where older people unable to live independently at home can source personal or nursing care at a facility catering for their special needs.

Unfortunately, all this takes time,.The first thing you each must do is have a chat with ‘My aged care’ on 1800200422.

Then have a good look at the website and try to understand the complexities of the various scenarios available to you.

You will soon see why I say do not leave it too late to make those important decisions or otherwise, others may have to make them for you.

Check that what you want to happen, can happen and at the right price.

It is entirely possible that should you have a complicated family situation, a legal person may have to be involved.

However, it is never too early to start discussing it with your family.

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